Custom Card – Your Photo (20 pack)


A pack of twenty 5 x 7 inch customs card made with your photo.

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Several people have asked for custom cards. When time allows we will create custom cards under the following conditions:

  • You email a high resolution photo (standard smartphone output is fine)
  • Tell us you took the (tasteful) photo; on the back of the card, we’ll print “Custom card, photo by [your name]” (i.e. do not send other people’s photos)
  • Agree, in ordering a custom card, to give us permission to sell your card on this web site eventually

In return, we will…

  • Send you a PDF proof of the card before having it printed
  • Have the print shop print, score, and trim the cards
  • Ship the cards to you
  • Print future cards at the standard pricing (for all the other 20-packs, with no set-up fee)

The back of the card will have something like the following printed on it:

City/Place, Country, 2018

  • Custom card, photo by [your name—first or last or both]
  • Walk Around Waneka Productions
  • a card numbered followed by:

Additional information

Weight 13.5 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .5 in


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