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Why Blank Cards Are Good

To Begin With

By “blank cards” we refer to the inside of the card. The large area (about 10 x 7 inches before folding) offers ample room for you to write your thoughts, your wishes, your poems, and your doodles. It’s all about personalizing your cards, the antithesis of which are cards with pre-printed messages and sent without a signature.

Some people may like the pre-printed messages, and no doubt some cards are witty. By contrast, a Walk Around Waneka Production promotes the more personal cards that have the beauty of a photograph (full-bleed on the front), some thoughtful phrases and identification information on back, and the rest—the rest is up to you!


The mission of a Walk Around Waneka is to keep creativity and sincerity at work among as many people as we can reach. That’s a little bit overstated, yes, I know. Perhaps my creativity outstripped the sincerity but the goal is clearly to step away from the dumbing down of humanity.

All this is coming from some lefty who has struggled all his life with handwriting. But it turns out that even the jaggedness of my characters lend authenticity to the cards.

Facebook, Your Face, or Both?

Let me close by reducing the options in life unnecessarily narrow: to the choice between 26 “Likes” from Facebook or one serious show of friendship or love in a card. Of course there’s time for both, or should be with a well managed schedule.

But if something has to suffer, perhaps for a while it should be that omnivorous beast in the ether that offers intimacy with one hand and removes it simultaneously with the other. If for no other reason, we should be suspicious of the ease with which a Facebook user neither needs to read nor understand a post, giving the post the old “Like” before moving on, like a machine among machines, to the next hastily read post.

My goal is to point out advantages to personalized correspondence.



    Lifelong Memory?


You might get more than 26 likes, the improved type with various faces that add specificity to the underlying emotion. But those can never replace three-dimensional friends writing on two-dimensional sheets of card stock.